Funding, Donations, and Partnerships


The most valuable source of support for ECOLOGIA has always been our generous and loyal individual donors. We owe similar thanks to those who have been willing to provide short-term no-interest loans to help us bridge cash-flow gaps.

How to Donate: You can contribute to support ECOLOGIA's work. We welcome and acknowledge tax-deductible donations of any size throughout the year.

  • Send a check (ECOLOGIA, PO Box 268, Middlebury VT 05753 USA) or
  • Make a donation by credit card, through our "google non-profit check out" mechanism.
ECOLOGIA is a registered IRS 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. All contributions may be tax deductible on Schedule A.


Our projects have been supported by a wide range of foundations since our inception in 1989, including:

Some of ECOLOGIA's projects in the 21st century have been supported by educational and corporate entities, including:


This policy, adopted by vote of the ECOLOGIA Board of Directors May 3, 2002, applies to all ECOLOGIA programs.

ECOLOGIA seeks and welcomes corporate donations intended to support its projects and overall mission, and welcomes cooperation with private enterprise in the pursuit of shared values.

ECOLOGIA engages corporations on an equal footing with private and foundation supporters as regards publicity and responsiveness to donor interests, requests, and requirements.

ECOLOGIA recognizes that corporations and not-for-profits both share a common concern about their public image and credibility. Therefore, ECOLOGIA will avoid donations that are likely to harm ECOLOGIA's public image or credibility involving either external or self-imposed expectations that might inhibit the organization's ability to pursue its mission, fulfill specific project goals, form partnerships, or communicate freely.

ECOLOGIA's Board of Directors will be informed of all corporate, foundation, and private donations as part of the treasurer's financial reporting to the board.


ECOLOGIA does not typically offer grant money either to independent organizations or individuals.

The only program under which ECOLOGIA directly provides grant money is our international philanthropy program, the Virtual Foundation. This enables eligible grassroots organizations to list projects on the Virtual Foundation website, and provides funders with the opportunity to find projects they want to support.


If your organization in China, the Former Soviet Union, Baltics, or Central and Eastern Europe would like to cooperate with ECOLOGIA on a project, we may be able to work together to obtain joint funding. Please note that ECOLOGIA considers all its partners as equal partners. This means that in cooperative projects, both sides look for funding and both sides may have to make in-kind contributions (rent, equipment, salaries) to help obtain this funding. ECOLOGIA will not work to obtain funding for a project where we do not have a full partnership role.

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