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Event: EYFA Regional Staff Presentation

 [ presentation ] In a lunchtime presentation on Wednesday, October 7, 1998, members of the Environmental Youth For(est) Action, or EYFA, presented an overview of their organization to about 45 CEU students and staff. The goal of the presentation was to introduce students to opportunities to take part in training workshops, sustainable living summer camp, bike tours, and environmental actions throughout europe.

EYFA is a "Europe-wide network of environmental youth organizations and individuals who aim to challenge current ecologically and socially unsustainable systems by exploring sustainable ways of working, living, and fighting environmental destruction and injustice using non-violent means. EYFA cooperates with many NGOs throughout Europe and brings its resources to bear to respond to local environmental issues identified by regional partners." [EYFA brochure 9.98] Members' talents, experience, and skills are some of the most valuable resources that EYFA has to offer.

A delegation of EYFA members were present in Budapest for their annual meeting. Four supplemented a poster session with question and answer session for students on the overall structure of the organization and its major programs. Unique to EYFA are:

EYFA's major programs for 1998-1999, introduced in the session were:

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Or visit their WWW site at: www.antenna.nl/eyfa/

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