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"Wheat Today, What Tomorrow?"

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On March 8, 1999 the student NGO held a special showing of "Wheat Today, What Tomorrow?" The film, written and narrated by English biologist and activist Professor David Bellamy, chronicled the effects of intensive farming practices in Australia. Non-sustainable practices, combined with the introduction of non-native plants and animals and lack of water management, have reduced thousands of hectares of Australia's agricultural land to salt fields. After detailing the problem, Bellamy shares his knowledgeable approach to farmland revitalization.

The film was also intended to introduce the CEU community to Professor Bellamy, a guest speaker for the CEU's Environmental Sciences and Policy Departmental Open House later that week.

"Latvia's Rich Wetlands"

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On March 2, 1999 the student NGO showed Latvia's Rich Wetlands. The film highlighted efforts being made by scientists and NGOs to rehabilitate Latvia's wetlands. The areas, still rich in birds, plants and amphibians, are suffering from industrial pollution contamination and a rapid shift in farming practices. The film was shown as a part of the Tuesday Evening Lecture Series.

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