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Bridging the Gap Between Intellectual Excellence and Civic Initiatives

Event: Recycling Campaigns

CEU students attending the weekly environmental activities meetings identified the need for more efficient use of paper within the University and proactive recycling of plastics and batteries. The goal was to develop a system of collection points for reu sing and recycling resources to save money and demonstrate the CEU commitment to earth-friendly practices.

 [ recycling ] Paper: Currently, the students are meeting one-on-one with representatives of the Computer Department to negotiate the use of paper that has been printed on one side for the email stations' default printers. We hope to organize a Universit y-wide system of paper reuse and collection for recycling. We are hoping that by keeping our goals modest, we will gain the trust and recognition for our activities.

Plastics: Our first task was to find organizations that collect recyclable plastic containers in Budapest. While we have identified only two shops, these results have given us hope. Once we have more information about drop-off locations, we ca n begin collection on a University-wide scale. We plan to contribute the small amount of funds generated from our efforts to a local environmental project.

Batteries: Establishing battery collection sites within the CEU will be relatively simple process. Starting in February, however, students will try to support this effort by circulating information on the significance of recycling this type of material.

As our projects begin to take shape, we will be very interested in working with other student-groups and NGOs who have established similar projects in the region. If you would like to send us information on your recycling project, please contact Shannon Simrell at:simrells@ceu.hu

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