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Bridging the Gap Between Intellectual Excellence and Civic Initiatives

Event: Weekly Student Group Meetings

 [ weekly ] Since October 1998, room 708 in the Faculty Tower has been filled each Monday afternoon with CEU students interested in doing environmental projects, raising environmental awareness, and meeting experts in a variety of environmental fields.

Our meetings serve as a forum to discuss current environmental issues and how to make the CEU experience broader than most classroom settings allow. From these meetings, students have organized afternoon outings and evening presentations. These activiti es allow participants to experience the nature we want to protect and share individual expertise with a broader audience.

The Spring 1999 agenda is still evolving from the ideas generated last fall. Of great importance will be to invite regional NGOs to discuss how issue-based campaigns are conducted, as well as to discuss controversial NGO-sector issues, such as corporate fundraising, and overall NGO efficacy. In addition, the group will begin working all available partners to make our work and study environment a environmentally-friendly place.

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Your suggestions for events and activities are welcome!

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