The Glossary contains the definitions of the main terms and abbreviations related to ISO 14000 standards and routinely used at this site.
CAG   Chair's Advisary Group
CD   Committee Draft (draft standard still under review by subcommittee)
DIS   Draft International Standard
EMS   Environmental Management Systems
GHG Greenhouse Gases
ISO   International Organization for Standardization
ISO 9000   Series of quality management system standards
ISO 14000   Series of environmental management system standards
LCA   Life cycle assessment (technique for assessing the environmental aspects & impacts of an enterprise's activities & products)
MSS   Management Systems Standards
OECD   Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development
SC   Subcommittee (responsible for development of standards; TC207 currently contains six subcommittees)
SME   Small and Medium Enterprises
TC 207   Technical Committee of the ISO responsible for developing ISO 14000 series standards
TMB   Technical management board of ISO
TR   Technical Report
WG   Working group (operates within a subcommittee)

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