January/February 1994 Issue #28

ECODEFENSE! Statement About Nuclear Incident

This message was received Thursday December 30, 1993 on electronic mail. It was sent from Kaliningrad, providing a statement about a specific "nuclear incident" which is one more documentation of problems which are occurring throughout the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. Perhaps the "information superhighway" will progress from providing information about such problems to developing networks for response. On the 10th of December 1993 the ship "Compositor Musorgsky" arrived in Kaliningrad trade port from St. Petersburg, headed for England. Customs officials discovered false documents and detained the ship for a detailed inspection. During the inspection 400 tons of uranium concentrate was discovered in the containers in the hold of the ship. The radiation level outside the containers was a hundred times above the norm.

After the collapse of the USSR, both legal and illegal transportation of nuclear substances is occurring on a dangerous scale. New nuclear incidents demonstrate the weakness of the governmental structures, which at this point are not able to ensure security.

Nuclear transportation is part of the nuclear energy and military nuclear business. Our ECODEFENSE! group demands from Kaliningrad's government:

  1. prohibition for building of nuclear power plants and other nuclear objects in Kaliningrad region;
  2. prohibition for nuclear transportation within and across Kaliningrad region;
  3. Prohibition of naval nuclear activities and in Kaliningrad region.
ECODEFENSE! INFORM agency Moskovsky prospekt 120-34
236006 Kaliningrad Russia
tel: 7(0112)437286

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