January/February 1994 Issue #28

ECOLOGIA Expanding Environmental Monitoring Network

ECOLOGIA is expanding its water quality monitoring network into Russia with an additional seven sites, to be focused along the Volga River and its tributaries. Funding for this project has been provided by a grant from the U.S Agency for International Development through ISAR in Washington DC.

ECOLOGIA is now also developing air quality monitoring capability for monitoring network participants. Three monitoring sites will be provided with air sampling and air pollution measuring equipment within a year. The goal is to expand NonGovernmental Organizations' access to accurate knowledge as a basis for rational decisions for improving environmental quality. Funds for this expansion have been provided by a grant from the W. Alton Jones Foundation.

Currently, we have twenty monitoring program sites, located in Bulgaria, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

We welcome the opportunity to work together with other international NGOs in the development of a standardized environmental monitoring system and training programs involving Central and Eastern Europe, the Baltics, and the former Soviet Union. ECOLOGIA provides assistance in designing monitoring projects, training on monitoring equipment, on-site technical support, and aid in interpreting monitoring results.

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