Nuclear Power Plant Accidents: A Guide for Informed Citizen Response



There are several on-line resources which provide information about the location and structure of nuclear power plants around the world. They also provide contact information (address and telephone) for plant operators.
  • World Maps of nuclear power plants are shown for the World, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, East Asia, West Asia, and Russia. The address, phone number, and contact person at the plant, and a map of where the reactor is located are provided. Basic information about the plant (type of reactor, date opened, date closed, etc.) may also be available. Some additional information may not be available to the public. (International Nuclear Safety Center, operated by the Argonne National Laboratory for the United States Department of Energy)
  • United States This site provides information about all the commercial nuclear power plants in the US. It contains detailed information about the type of nuclear power plant, who operates it, evacuation plans, and more. This resource contains much more detailed information about US nuclear plants than the world maps resource listed above. If you have a slower connection to the Internet, you may wish to chose a graphics-free version of this website. (United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission)
  • Lithuania Click "pressure" on the left-hand side of the screen to get information about gamma radiation monitoring methods and stations around Lithuania. (Made available from EIONET (European Environment Information and Observation Network) in Lithuania)
  • Multiple Countries Information about the national regulatory agencies, proponents, and opponents of nuclear power in Spain, Sweden, Russia, Netherlands, India, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom, Japan, and France is available from this website. In the Our Newsletter section select the country in which you are interested. Then, choose the "Who's Who" section. (Plutonium Investigation at WISE-Paris)


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