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The ISO 14000 series standards provide guidelines for environmental management. The ISO 14001 standard on environmental management systems, in particular, is used by thousands of companies and other organizations world-wide, and more adopt it every day. In addition, a growing number of governments refer to the ISO 14000 standards in developing their environmental regulations. These standards are therefore increasingly significant for the global environment and sustainable development.

ECOLOGIA maintains this site to encourage and facilitate NGO involvement in the ISO standards development process. Here you can learn about ISO 14000, see how these and other EMS tools are used in practice, read about the new ISO greenhouse gas standard currently under development, and participate in the discussion group on environmental and sustainable development implications of these standards.

The March/April 2004 issue of Orion magazine features an article by Bill McKibben about ECOLOGIA's work with ISO on climate change. Titled "When Boring is Beautiful", it includes information from an interview with ECOLOGIA's President, Randy Kritkauky, about the significance of current work on methods to calculate greenhouse gas emissions.

The 5th meeting of ISO TC 207 WG 5 (greenhouse gases) took place in London, UK. Ecologia's Board Member and policy advisor Aleg Cherp was selected as a co-facilitator of the sub-group preparing the organizational part of the greenhouse gas accounting standard. ECOLOGIA was also asked to present its vision on the adherence of WG 5 to its four self-declared process principles.

Article Introducing ISO's GHG Standard, by Aleg Cherp and Kevin Boehmer. Published in Carbon Finance (Dec. 2003)

Read the Draft NGO Position Paper on the GHG Accounting Standard Under Development by the ISO (.pdf format)

Last updated on March 29, 2004