We Need More Stanislav Petrovs

Commentary by Randy Kritkausky, March 2022

"In September 1983, shortly after the Soviet military shot down Korean Airlines flight 007, a Russian lieutenant colonel, Stanislav Petrov (1939-2017), was on duty at an early warning tracking center....." continued

ECOLOGIA Initiatives in 2022

Orthogonal Economy: innovative approaches to economic and environmental sustainability that can empower communities

Indigenous Native American perspectives: connecting with practitioners; applying to present-day problems

Social Responsibility and Corporate Social Responsibility

Rights of Nature: a new approach to ecological protection

Bridging the Global-Local Gap

    Since 1989, ECOLOGIA has brought international perspectives and resources to local sustainable development projects, and brought locally based ‘on the ground’ experience to the world of international decision making, policy formulation, and action.
    We recognize that local leaders, and their unique knowledge, have too often been marginalized in local, national and global deliberations. We work to help articulate local and indigenous perspectives, and develop ways to more directly and meaningfully involve these leaders.
   ECOLOGIA works with innovative leaders in dynamic, fluid situations - often before trends are dominant or even clear to others.
   ECOLOGIA works by creating direct people-to-people connections. By linking individuals to one another, we foster the emergence of a global civil society — a worldwide network of individuals and organizations sharing common interests, information and resources.

Stakeholders Global Network for ISO 26000 SR

SGN Officers, 2018-2022

"Building Global Connections
to Create Civil Society
and Support Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability"

Native American and Indigenous Paths to Environmental Resilience

After decades of international grassroots and science-focused work on the environment, we at ECOLOGIA reached the threshold of recognizing that something was missing from our efforts to identify effective and enduring solutions. Going forward, our actions need to be grounded in solid spiritual foundations and wisdom, as well as scientific information. That same awareness is moving into the forefront of global environmental policy-making and popular consciousness.

Mother Earth Mosaiculture, Montreal Botanical Garden, 2013. With its plaque erroneously attributing words to Chief Seattle, the beautiful image epitomizes how easily the culture of indigenous people is appropriated. It is also a monument to the aspiration of re-inventing ourselves in the spirit of indigenous wisdom.

We invite you to cross this threshold of awareness with us, at the intersection of Native American, indigenous perspectives and present-day realities. We offer the following categories of resources to guide you on your journey:

  • explorations of indigenous cultural values: spirituality, animism, reciprocity with the natural world
  • examples of applying indigenous wisdom: engaging with the natural world; traditional ecological knowledge (T.E.K.)
  • print and podcast materials produced by ECOLOGIA

ECOLOGIA's Handbook for Implementers of ISO 26000

ECOLOGIA's Handbook is designed for small and medium sized businesses, but useful for anyone seeking to use ISO 26000, or just to learn more about this unique voluntary global guidance standard for social responsibility. Open source through a Creative Commons license.

The 33-page Handbook features:

  • Explanations of the goals and value of ISO 26000
  • Workbook - with worksheets, tables, graphics, questions and examples
  • Definitions, principles and action suggestions of the seven core subjects (summary)