Bridging the Global-Local Gap

    ECOLOGIA’s programs bring international perspectives and resources to local sustainable development projects, and bring locally based ‘on the ground’ experience back to the world of international decision making.
   Our programs combine a practical focus on local projects with direct involvement in international policy-making arenas. We believe that local leaders create the best, most sustainable long-term solutions to problems, and that this local experience should shape the development of national and international decisions.
   ECOLOGIA works by creating direct people-to-people connections. By linking individuals to one another, we foster the emergence of a global civil society — a worldwide network of individuals and organizations sharing common interests, information and resources.
   With staff, colleagues, and partners around the globe, ECOLOGIA is building global connections to create civil society and support sustainable development initiatives.


"Building Global Connections
to Create Civil Society
and Support Environmental, Social and Economic Sustainability"

ECOLOGIA works with innovative leaders in dynamic, fluid situations - often before trends are dominant or even clear to others.

Better Risk Management Through Stakeholder Involvement November 2011 article by Randy Kritkausky, President of ECOLOGIA "Stakeholders" refers to all the groups of people affected by the operations of a business. Thus, workers and their families, community residents, suppliers and purchasers, as well as investors, are "stakeholders". Engaging those stakeholders in discussion can help businesses find out about problems and work to correct them, before human, environmental or economic damage occurs.

ECOLOGIA's Handbook for Implementers of ISO 26000

ECOLOGIA's Handbook is designed for small and medium sized businesses, to encourage them to use the new global guidance standard, ISO 26000, to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility.

The 33-page Handbook features:

  • Explanations of the goals and value of ISO 26000
  • Workbook - with worksheets, tables, graphics, questions and examples
  • Definitions, principles and action suggestions of the seven core subjects (summary)

ECOLOGIA staff is now working with selected businesses in China, using the Handbook to strengthen their business models, and to improve their environmental, social and economic impacts on their communities.

ECOLOGIA's Handbook is copyrighted, and licensed under Creative Commons ( You are encouraged to download, view and/or print, and use our Handbook, as long as you credit ECOLOGIA, and do not alter the Handbook or charge a fee for using it. It is posted on this website in a .pdf version. For background information on the goals, participants and development processes of ISO 26000, see "ECOLOGIA Works on the ISO Global Social Responsibility Standard".

ECOLOGIA's "Sustainable Fibers" Program

Herders shear fine quality cashmere from purebred Alashan goats. This is the first step in the long journey of the global cashmere supply chain.

May 2011: ECOLOGIA, under a multi-year grant from the Ford Foundation, continues to work on sustainable fiber production and grasslands management in the Alashan region of Inner Mongolia, China. ECOLOGIA works in cooperation with goat and camel herders' cooperatives and local factories to:

  • support herders' efforts to create environmentally and economically sustainable sources of income,
  • promote restoration of desert and grasslands ecosystems damaged by decades of overgrazing, and
  • create a global supply chain for sustainably raised and fairly traded cashmere and camel products.

Support from an Eileen Fisher Community Partnership Grant is enabling us to identify and document fair trade and socially responsible spinning factories and weaving processes throughout the camel and cashmere supply chains.

For more information, see ECOLOGIA's "Sustainable Fibers" Program.

SURE- SUpport for Responsible Enterprises
An ECOLOGIA Sustainability Initiative

On Earth Day, April 22, 2010, ECOLOGIA launched SURE, with its recognition of The Alashan Cashmere and Camel regional branding initiative in Inner Mongolia. Emerging Inner Mongolian herder cooperatives, regional Cashmere and Camel Associations, and established fiber processors/manufacturers are working together. They are addressing issues of desertification, poverty alleviation, environmental health, biodiversity, and cultural preservation.

For more information on SURE, click here.

For an overview of ECOLOGIA's programs in China, click here