Global Governance and Sustainable Development



Factories on Lake Baikal, Russia

Major Programs of ECOLOGIA
- Corporate Social Responsibility and Global Governance

Linking local and global efforts to bring environmental values into business decisions

ECOLOGIA brings its 'on the ground' environmental experience - as well as its experience with grassroots initiatives worldwide - to bear upon the writing and revision of international standards used by businesses and governments around the globe.

ECOLOGIA works on developing international standards within the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the preeminent body for setting voluntary product and management standards for use in international trade. As a public interest group with official 'liaison' status within ISO, ECOLOGIA promotes transparency and broad participation.

ECOLOGIA participated in creating the ISO 26000 global social responsibility standard, designed to encourage all organizations to improve their impacts on the environment, workers and communities in which they operate. For more information, see "ECOLOGIA Works on Global Social Responsibility".

Environmental management systems help businesses reduce pollution by bringing environmental considerations into their day-to-day operations. ECOLOGIA participated in writing sections of the Environmental Management Systems standard, ISO 14000 especially on Greenhouse Gas Accounting. ECOLOGIA has worked with partners in Russia and China to promote environmental management as a tool for sustainable development. In conjunction with Ecoline, its Russian affiliate, ECOLOGIA introduced environmental management systems to small enterprises in Russia. Factory managers were trained to use management tools to reduce the wasteful use of resources and energy. This decreases pollution while often increasing profitability. More information about this project can be found at the Ecoline website (mainly in Russian).

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Making professional and personal connections across cultures

International Exchanges:
ECOLOGIA designs and hosts a variety of environmental and human services exchange programs. Visitors to the United States build connections to like-minded Americans working in their field, as they meet with specialists who provide in-depth training and partnership possibilities. Visitors enrich the American communities they encounter by sharing their knowledge and perspectives. ECOLOGIA has worked with over 350 individuals from such countries as Russia, China, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

Service Learning:
Through cooperation with academic institutions such as Middlebury College, the Monterey Institute for International Studies, and the MESPOM (Masters of Environmental Sciences Policy and Management) program of the European Commission's Erasmus Mundus consortium of universities. ECOLOGIA has contributed to the creation of innovative globally-focused service learning opportunities on the undergraduate and graduate levels.
Organic and Local Agriculture:

Ecologically sound agriculture is one of the keys to sustainable development; a high quality food supply requires attention to renewable resources, knowledge of the ecosystem, and public awareness of the significance of healthy food choices.
The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization supports these efforts in developing countries. Randy Kritkausky participated in an FAO international mission to promote organic agriculture in Lithuania, in 2006.

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Building global civil society by conecting donors to community projects worldwide

ECOLOGIA's online philanthropy program supports environmental, human health, and sustainable development projects designed by grassroots groups from around the world. The emphasis is on small scale and affordable (under $2000) projects. Donors from any nation can visit the website, ( and select projects to fund.

- ECOLOGIA Consulting Services

Partnering with the Private Sector for Responsible and Sustainable Development

ECOLOGIA provides fee-for-service consulting to businesses, government agencies, and communities seeking to:

  • develop strategic plans capturing opportunities in emerging trends in the fields of sustainable development and corporate social responsibility;
  • implement environmentally and socially responsible business practices;
  • train personnel in the innovative, creative and appropriate use of management systems in order to gain economic as well as environmental and social benefits (the "triple bottom line");
  • develop value added businesses and brand names (corporate or regional) that allow those who do good to also do well economically;
  • develop constructive public participation programs for industrial facilities and communities making major transitions involving labor force and social dislocation.

- Sustainable Development in China

From 1996 to 2015, ECOLOGIA worked with a broad range of Chinese partners, ranging from environmental groups, to private businesses producing for the national and international markets, to government-affiliated organizations. Our objective was to provide international linkages and appropriate support so that the Chinese people could more effectively contribute to the solution of social, economic and environmental problems, both within China and on a global scale. ECOLOGIA received foundation grants for its work with Chinese not-for-profit organizations. In addition, ECOLOGIA provided consulting services to Chinese and international businesses seeking to implement innovative and culturally appropriate corporate social responsibility programs in China.

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