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Current Projects

Peak Macaya Health, Sanitation and Agricultural Projects, 2021- 2024

Region: Haiti, Caribbean Islands
Grants received as of June, 2024: $ 27,000
Report: Original work completed; expansion in progress; most recent grants support Peak Macaya's public school ongoing art and education programs, and agricultural cooperative

Goals: To support the Peak Macaya Cooperative's community projects; to provide composting toilets for community neighborhoods in this mountainous agricultural settlement. This project involves construction of the facilities themselves, and education, instruction and supervision on use and maintenance. Once up and running, the composting toilets will provide health and sanitation benefits to the people and a source of fertilizer for land degraded by deforestation.


Region: Mongolia
Goals: Nomads help preserve the planet with their low-impact lifestyle, which uses few of the earth's resources. With their strong connection to and respect for the earth, their lives can teach others the art of sustainability.

In the past 50 years, though, nomads in Mongolia have decreased from nearly 100% of its population to 38% today. There are many forces causing this: more health and education opportunities in the city, damage to traditional lands due to mining and construction, lack of support infrastructure, and climate change leading to stress on plants, animals and people.

The Nomadicare team, led by Sas Carey, documents the lives of the nomads in movies, on video, with still photographs and with printed stories. The nomads themselves are showing resilience, as they appreciate seeing the stories of their own traditions, now being made available to the outside world.