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Event: Romanian Mountainous Biosphere Slide Show

 [ flyer ] On 26 November 1998, Alina Lengyel, Masters candidate at the Environmental Sciences and Policy Department of the Central European University and member of the NGO The Young Naturalists Association, made a slide presentation, entitled, "The State and Future of Mountainous Biosphere Reserves in Romania."

Ms. Lengyel chose 77 slides among the hundreds that she and her husband took while working and traveling Retezat and Rodnei Mountains in the region of Romania in 1996-98. The slides accompanied an account of the unique biological aspects of the region, the conservation efforts being make to preserve it, and Ms. Lengyel's own call for additional measures to be taken.

Ms Lengyel holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and is currently working to complete her Master of Environmental Science in wildlife and biodiversity conservation. After she receives her MSc, she plans to enroll in Ph.D program to continue her studies.

Although she is busy with assignments, she is among the most active in the emerging CEU NGO. She said that she enjoyed making the presentation, despite the extra work. She was as enthusiastic about sharing her slides as she was to share her knowledge and love of the natural habitat of the region. "It is highly necessary to make people aware of the beauty and the values of nature around us," otherwise, she says, "how can anyone make informed choices about how to manage it?"

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