NGO Bodies in TC207
In 2000, ISO/TC 207 created an NGO Task Group to examine the role of NGOs in the TC and the barriers that exist to their effective participation. In creating the NGO Task Group, TC 207 recognized the importance of NGO involvement in the TC's work. This represented a step forward toward opening up the standards development process to a wider variety of voices and perspectives.

The NGO TG operated from 2001 until 2003. It produced two key documents: The Guide to NGO Participation in TC 207 and the N590 document entitled Increasing the Effectiveness of NGO Participation in ISO TC207. At its plenary in 2003 in Bali, TC 207 disbanded the NGO TG and created an NGO-CAG Task force to review and recommend for implementation the recommendations of N590.

At the same time, the NGOs present at the 2003 plenary of TC 207 decided to self-organize into an NGO Forum which will continue to address those issues which are important for NGOs and provide outreach to a wider NGO Community. TC 207 officially welcomed the Forum in its Resolution.

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