Standards Development

ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems standards are developed in sub-committees and working groups subordinate to ISO TC 207 (please see the ISO TC 207 committee structure for details.)

The ISO 14000 series standards currently comprise more than twenty official ISO documents, supplemented by a number of guidelines, amendments and draft papers. The first standard of the ISO 14000 series (ISO 14001) was issued in 1996. Every year several new standards of the ISO 14000 series are published and the old ones are sometimes revised. The ISO TC 207 web site contains a list of these standards.

ECOLOGIA is currently involved in the development of ISO 14000 series standards in two areas: external communication and climate change.

External communications
 Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines
 ECOLOGIA position paper on External Communications presented at the EMS Roundtable in Stockholm on 14 June 2000 during the 8th plenary of ISO/TC 207.

Climate change
ISO 14000 series standards related to Climate Change are developed by the Working Group 5 (WG5) of ISO TC 207. The first standards are expected to be issued in 2005. See the Greenhouse Gas Measurement pages for more information.

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