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Media Coverage of ECOLOGIA's Local Agenda 21 in Nuclear Regions project

Russian, Lithuanian and American media have highlighted ECOLOGIA's project work in newspapers and magazines, on the radio and on television.

Russian project work highlighted in environmental magazine
The Russian-American organization ISAR highlighted Agenda 21 in the spring/summer 2002 issue of ISAR-Moscow's Russian-language environmental magazine "EcoLogos." A three-page article was dedicated to an interview with the Russian Coordinator of ECOLOGIA's Local Agenda 21 in Nuclear Regions project. The article, entitled "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime," emphasized how ECOLOGIA uses Agenda 21 to help communities solve their own problems.

Lithuanian town provides extensive media coverage of sustainable development planning process
A recent spate of public interest and media coverage has surrounded ECOLOGIA's Local Agenda 21 work in the town of Visaginas, Lithuania. A high-level working group, led by the mayor and coordinated by ECOLOGIA, is creating a strategic vision for the sustainable development of this town as its nuclear power industry closes. A series of articles, including the draft text of the mission, vision, and principles for the development of the town were printed in the local newspaper. The local television station is hosting a live roundtable discussion about the plans, and a recent public meeting about the plan was so interesting to the community members that there was barely enough room for all:

"On 10th of September a meeting of the Visaginas Community Development council was held in the local Municipality building. During the meeting the draft of the plan of the strategic development of Visaginas was discussed.

"To the proposal to take part in the discussion responded not only the representatives of the public organizations of the city and Municipality workers, but also many other town people. The hall hardly contained all those desiring to express their suggestions, observations or wishes."

Source: Visaginas newspaper "Sugardas"

Vermont Public Radio airs interview with ECOLOGIA president
In August 2002 Vermont Public Radio played a four-minute interview with ECOLOGIA president Randy Kritkausky, who was leading the ECOLOGIA delegation to the World Summit on Sustainable Development in South Africa. The interview, conducted by cell phone from South Africa, focused on global sustainable development.

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