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Lithuanian National Coordinator
Ingrida Zabuliene
Vilnius, Lithuania

Kristina Vilimaite Ms. Zabuliene graduated from the humanities faculty of Vilnius University in Kaunas, Lithuania. She has experience working with the media: she worked as a reporter for the newspaper Laikinoji Sostine in Kaunas and as both a reporter and editor at Vakaru Ekspresas in Klaipeda. In addition, she has worked with public relations at both Lithuanian and American firms. She speaks Lithuanian, Russian, English, and Polish. Ms. Zabuliene joined the Nuclear Communities in Transition project in February 2002.


Russian National Coordinator
Olga Deryabina
Moscow, Russia

Olga DeryabinaMs. Deryabina was trained as a psychologist, and graduated from Moscow State University.  Her experience in social psychology includes psychological issues dealt with in public participation and working with communities in transition. She has worked since the 1970s with non-governmental organizations as a member of scientific NGOs, with ecological issues since the 1980s, and on nuclear issues in the Chernobyl accident in 1986.  She is the author of more than 60 articles and monographs in Russian, including 30 on environmental issues, 15 concerning third sector issues.  Ms. Deryabina is currently also a senior teacher of Moscow State Open Pedagogic University, and has worked for ECOLOGIA-International since 1999.

Information Specialist
Anastassia A. Harash

Moscow, Russia
Anastassia A. HarashMs. Harash is currently completing her law degree at the Russian State University for Humanities' Department of Law. She also works as the Information Specialist of ISAR's Caspian program. In addition, Ms. Harash has completed several specialized practica in law and information, including at the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation and the Moscow Municipal Duma, as well as in the business sector. Ms. Harash began volunteer work for the Nuclear Communities in Transition project in 2000, and joined as a staff member in November 2001. She speaks Russian and English. Her personal interests include music, poetry, skiing, tennis, swimming, nature, pets, and traveling.

Russian National Consultant
Dr. Marina Khotuleva
Moscow, Russia
Dr. Marina KhotulevaDr. Khotuleva received her PhD from the Russian Academy of Science's N.D.Zelinsky Institute of Organic Chemistry in Moscow. Dr. Khotuleva is the Director of Moscow Public Environmental Review Centre and the Chairperson of the Ecoline Board. She has consulted on many environmentally-oriented projects during the last decade. Her field of expertise is public participation in decision-making and water quality issues. She has authored and co-authored a number of publications on information dissemination, establishing public dialog, Public Environmental Review, Environmental Impact Assessment and Strategic Assessment. Also she acts as a trainer and project manager in ECOLOGIA/Ecoline projects on Environmental Management and Environmental Assessment topics. Dr. Khotuleva has worked for ECOLOGIA since 1994, and for ECOLINE since 1995.

Russian regional partners

Tomsk Regional Coordinator
Alexander Dmitriev
Tomsk, Russia

Alexander DmitrievMr. Dmitriev is a member of the Tomsk Environmental Student Inspection (TESI), which is a non-governmental organization pf students.  TESI actively participates in the anti-nuclear movement in Tomsk. During the last two years TESI organized a number of public actions against Minatom’s plans to build a new nuclear power plant in Tomsk oblast.  For the last two years Mr. Dmitriev acted as an inspector of the regional Environmental Committee. He also coordinates an ISAR-funded project creating two resource centers in two Tomsk oblast villages. Mr. Dmitriev attends Tomsk State University, where he studies in the International Environmental and Agricultural Faculty. As a young NGO leader Mr. Dmitriev got a specific training at Ecoline in Moscow in February 2000. 

Tomsk Regional Consultant
Yuri Zubkov
Tomsk, Russia
Yuri ZubkovMr. Zubkov is the head of the radiation control department in the Tomsk Oblast Committee of Natural Resources (former regional Goscomecologia department).  He is a well-known specialist in the field and a respectable member of local community in Tomsk. His field of expertise is radiation control measures and equipment. He has more then 25 publications on the topic. He acted as a Public Environmental Review consultant and made a number of public statements in the local media and at events, concerning the activities of the Siberian Chemical Combine and situation with radioactive contamination in the Tomsk region.

Many thanks to Original Project Director (1999 - 2002)
Laurel Kritkausky

Cornwall, Vermont, USA
Laurel Kritkausky
Ms. Kritkausky has a BA from Middlebury College, where she majored in International Studies, and specialized in Russia and Eastern Europe, including a semester at Voronezh State University in Russia. Laurel joined the ECOLOGIA staff in June 1999, working full time on the Sustainable Development / Local Agenda 21 in Nuclear Regions project until January 2002.
In March 2004, she entered the Central Queensland University (Australia) Masters Degree online program in Sustainable Development.


Project Consultant
Dr. Aleg Cherp
Budapest, Hungary

Aleg CherpDr. Cherp received his Diploma with Distinction in Applied Physics and Mathematics (an internationally recognized MS degree analogue) from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology, Faculty of Physical and Chemical Biology; Department of Environmental Problems.  He also received an MS in Pollution and Environmental Control from The University of Manchester's School of Biological Sciences in England.  He received his PhD from The University of Manchester's Department of Planning and Landscape, with a course of study in Environmental Assessment in Countries in Transition.  Dr. Cherp became involved in the Russian environmental organizations in the 1980s.  He was a member of ISAR's Board of Experts for several of its programs for Russian NGOs in the mid-1990s, worked for UNICEF in Central Asia, and was an international environmental expert in the UN mission formed by the UN General Assembly to investigate the consequences of the nuclear testing at the Semipalatinsk site. He has published articles about Environmental Impact Assessment and Public Environmental Review.  Dr. Cherp established and supervised ECOLOGIA offices in Moscow, Tajikistan and Belarus, and is an ECOLOGIA Board member.  A native of Minsk, Belarus, he is currently living in Budapest, Hungary, where he is an Assistant Professor in the Environmental Sciences Department at the Central European University.

Project Consultant
Randy Kritkausky
Middlebury, Vermont, USA

Mr. Kritkausky co-founded ECOLOGIA in 1989, and is the organization's executive director.  He has a BA from the University of Pennsylvania, an MA from the State University of New York (SUNY) at Binghamton, and completed all but the dissertation for his PhD at SUNY.  He has been involved in the environmental movement in the US since 1982, and in the international sphere since 1988.  He has traveled extensively in the former Soviet Union and Central and Eastern Europe, and has published articles and papers on international environmental issues, and is frequently a presenter at conferences. 

Randy Kritkausky
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