Publications, Reviews & Opinions

New! Draft NGO Position Paper on the GHG Accounting Standard Under Development by the ISO (.pdf format)
(July 2003)

New! Increasing the Effectiveness of NGO Participation in ISO TC207 (.pdf format)
N590 document of the ISO NGO Task Group (March 2003)

A Guide for NGO Participation in ISO/TC207 (.pdf-format). By the NGO Task Group to ISO/TC 207 Environmental Management (June 2002)

Enhancing NGO Participation in the Work of TC 207. By Jason Morrison, Pacific Institute (2000)

ISO and the WTO: A Report to the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) Working Party on Health, Safety and Environment. By Dave Bennett, Canadian Labour Congress (July, 2000)

Discussion Paper of the ISO/TC 207 NGO Contact Group. By the NGO Contact Group and TC 207 (June 2000)

Managing a Better Environment: Opportunities and Obstacles for ISO 14001 in Public Policy and Commerce (pdf-format). By Jason Morrison, et al of Pacific Institute. (March 2000)

Voluntary Environmental Activities. By T.Guseva et al of Ecoline, Moscow (1999).

Bringing Public Interest Into ISO 14000. By D.Siefert, a founder of the ISO 14000 NGO Initiative and an NGO member in the US TAG to ISO TC 207. Presented to the special OECD session (May 4, 1998).

Should Industry Adopt the ISO 14001 Standard?. A review by A.Deutschler, ECOLOGIA, of the paper by O.Boiral and J.-M. Sala "Environmental Management: Should Industry Adopt ISO 14001 Standard?". Business Horizons, vol. 41, no.1 (January-February, 1998).

No Substitute for Legal Safeguards. By E.Shoener of ECOLOGIA, a member of US TAG since 1995. The Environmental Forum. (November/December 1997)

ISO 14000: A Bridge to the Environmental Community? By R.Kritkausky, ECOLOGIA. Speech at the PetroSafe Symposium. Houston, Tx (January 28, 1997).

ISO l4000: An Environmentalist's Perspective. A speech by M.McCloskey, Chairman of the Sierra Club, at the Roundtable Meeting (EPA Region III):"Exploring the Uses and Potential Benefits of ISO 14000", Philadelphia, Pa (April 26, l996).

Will NGO environmental groups be involved in setting global industrial standards? By E.Shoener. ECOLOGIA Newsletter. Issue # 38 (January / February 1996).

Guidelines for Evaluating Changes in Conventional Environmental Agency Regulatory Programs to Control Pollution. By M.McCloskey, Chairman of the Sierra Club

Developing an NGO Strategy for ISO 14000. A draft discussion paper by D.Siefert, of Community Nutrition Institute (CNI).