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Lithuanian Case Study

Since Lithuania is joining the European Union, it is forming its energy policies to meet EU standards. However, Lithuania has been tied into an energy grid created in Soviet times, including a Soviet-build nuclear power plant. Under pressure from the EU, Lithuania has agreed to close Ignalina nuclear power plant, which some worry is unsafe. Ignalina is the major employer in a depressed region of Lithuania, and local opposition to the plant closure has been strong.

Ignalina is one of the first decommissionings to occur in Eastern Europe. How this nuclear plant's closure affects the economic and social life of the city in which its workers live will be watched by workers throughout the region. Since 2000, ECOLOGIA has been working with a range of organizations to help the town of Visaginas make the transition to a non-nuclear and sustainable economy.

Strategic Development Planning: Recent Progress in Visaginas Description of achievements in creating a strategic development plan which combines goals and implementation, and brought together representatives of many different sectors of Visaginas. By Ingrida Zabuliene (Baltic Ecological Programs Office of ECOLOGIA). March 2004, 2 pages.

Nuclear Power and the Lithuanian Energy Sector Description of Lithuania's energy policy and current energy situation. By Kristina Vilimaite (ECOLOGIA-Baltic Office). November 2000, 3 pages.

Decommissioning in Lithuania: A Case Study of Denuclearization on the Local Level This article is about the impact of Ignalina's closure and ECOLOGIA's Nuclear Communities in Transition project work there. By Laurel Kritkausky (ECOLOGIA-USA) and Kristina Vilimaite (ECOLOGIA-Baltic Office). November 2000, 4 pages.

The Local Agenda 21 project in Lithuania This handout summarizes the past work and future plans of ECOLOGIA for work in the communities near Ignalina nuclear power plant. By Ingrida Zabuliene (ECOLOGIA-Baltic Office). September 2002, 3 pages.

Report on NGO Capacity-Building Near Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant in Lithuania: The results of ECOLOGIA’s strengthening of Visaginas NGOs. This report summarizes the impact of ECOLOGIA's series of trainings and support for non-governmental organizations near the closing Ignalina nuclear power plant. By Kristina Vilimaite (ECOLOGIA-Baltic Office). April 2001, 3 pages.

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