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Bridging the Gap Between Intellectual Excellence and Civic Initiatives

The Bridge Project:
Using Environmental Policy Making to Support the Development of Civil Societies

The Bridge Project

The objective of the Bridge Project is to increase CEU students' awareness of the critical role that non-governmental organizations (NGOs) play in developing civil societies. Bridge staff will develop discussions, field work, and internships to "bridge the gap" between scientific studies and current application of that knowledge to benefit both students and NGOs.

Event Reports

The following event reports highlight Bridge Project activities during the academic year 1998-99:

EYFA Presentation (10.98) Discussion: Ecological Impacts of Tourism (2.99)
Pilisi Env.Ed. Day and Nature Hike(11.98) Applying ISO to Countries in Transition (2.99)
Weekly Student Meetings (weekly) Environmental Film Evenings (3.99)
Romanian Biosphere Reserve Slide Show(11.98) Discussion: Environment and the Int'l Security Agenda (3.99)
Recycling Campaign (begun 11.98) Amphibian Monitoring (3.99)
Roundtable: Genetically Modified Foods (12. 98) Excursion: Natural Lifestyle Foundation (4.99)
Protest Against K2/R4 (12.98) ISO 14000 Internship. (10.98)

Project Goals and Implementation

The Bridge Office at the CEU offers students out-of-the-classroom opportunities to observe, participate in, and evaluate the role that NGOs play in open societies. Students can attend specialized workshops, contribute to grassroots NGO projects, and lead roundtable discussions. Bridge Office offer research, internships, field work, and NGO work experience to CEU students. Staff have also established "EurasiaGroupa," a CEU student NGO which they offer support. Students, faculty, and regional NGOs are encouraged to participate in all of the project's activities.

To enable CEU students to better understand, participate in and evaluate the accomplishments and challenges of NGOs, Bridge staff will:

Student / NGO Integration

Bridge Project staff seek to integrate students and on-going NGO projects, by developing internships or site visits which allow students to experience and evaluate NGOs unique niches in developing civil societies.

  • The Virtual Foundation. ECOLOGIA's newest project is a unique venture in promoting international philanthropy on the Internet. The goal of the project is to support NGOs with grassroots funds and long-term international partnerships. Students have visited VF project sites in Hungary and raised funds for their continuation.

  • Student / NGO Partnership Program. In cooperation with the Environmental Sciences and Policy Department, Bridge staff are currently developing a 15 hour internship program for the fall 1999 term. Approximately 20 CEU students will be placed with NGOs located in or around the University in Budapest. Both NGOs and students hope to benefit from short-term work programs.

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